ART is timeless

and our view is the same.


We are always open for submissions.
It doesn’t matter when your work was created, was it published or not, but if you think that it fits our vision and mood please complete the form below and we will review your creations as fast as we can.


for inspiration and general aesthetic
check some publications on our website.


Also submission has some requirements:

  • Dimensions of the single photo need to be as big as it can. And obviously that shortest side not less than 1200px.

  • Also weight of the single photo need to be less than 300 KB.

  • We always like to choose the best photos for completely interesting publication. So amount of the photos is not defined. As much as you have from the single session.

  • Also, if you submitting your works you can submit not only one session. You can use your time and submit more works with one submission.

  • Don’t forget to leave all credits.

  • And consider about becoming our SPONSOR. Admit it, it would be strange if you hesitate to support the project when you want to be part of it.
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also you can send your submission us via electronic mail