We believe that art content, gallery or website
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Without any commercial force behind the back.


26 sponsors

26 sponsors

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121 sponsors

121 sponsors

We will be more than thankful for your understanding and support.
And we will do our best
to keep you satisfied.

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You will have an opportunity to see exclusive parts of our content. Without make it visible publicly on our website and other social media platforms.
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14 sponsors

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The creating of selected art content requires a lot of time, encouragement, knowledge and independence.


● searching for the new works ● renew and bringing back to life old works in nowdays media ● searching for new creators ● renew and reviving old timed creators in today’s light ● contacting with the creators ● layout designing of art works ● publishing in our website ● adapting and designing works for different social media platforms ● publishing in social media platforms ● manual boosting of publications to reach the biggest audiences of social media platforms ● analysis of another similar contents ● reviewing of submissions ● accepting or rejecting all submissions ● contacting with the authors of submitted works ● every time increasing of user experience in our website ● responding in every letter in email and every message on social media ● reading all comments on social media
● working with sponsorship experience in our website
● always going straight to the quality


  • Because of time which we want to give you by creating this outstanding project

  • Website, email, sponsorship platform and other retention of services

  • Retention of programs we use to create all visual material for you

  • Retention of professional team

  • For the quality and independence without any commerce

We are unique team of professionals which focusing in real and natural beauty of woman.

Also showing this adorable miracle in modern
and comfortable way.
Interesting and catchy as we can.

During four years of existence our project initiated important changes of the view to woman worldwide.

Our project always continue the mission to create ethical point of view to the woman and her body.

We started our project as “one man band” four years ago. And now our activity is attended by a team of 4 professionals everyday creating to you. to the whole world.

At the very first hours of this project, our founder did not even know what he would create. And now we are here with you,
and we need your support
to stay alive.


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